The CFI Toolbox Ground School Advanced Kit includes:

Discs with both the Private Pilot and Instrument courses in PowerPoint and PDF format.

An extra visuals disc in PowerPoint and PDF, plus visuals from the Airplane Flying Handbook (AFH), Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK) and Instrument Flying Handbook (IFH) in PP and PDF.

Two Gleim Test Guides:

  • 1 Private Pilot and
  • 1 Instrument Rating

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Important The purchaser agrees that students in classes where this training system is used must purchase a new Gleim Knowledge Test book.

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Private & Instrument courses in PowerPoint and PDF. Extra visuals disc, plus visuals from the AFH, PHAK and IFH. Includes two Gleim Test Guides – 1 Private Pilot and 1 Instrument Rating. Get a $6.95 discount when you add the Pilots Library.