CFI Resources

Training manuals, references, and test guide books.

  • Pilots Library


    A great source for teaching. More than 30 FAA Handbooks – Test Supplements and more. Contents are transferable to your presentation. FREE Shipping. Click photo for contents.

  • Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test Guide CPKT

  • Instrument Pilot Knowledge Test Guide IPKT

  • Private Pilot Knowledge Test Guide PPKT

  • Remote Pilot FAA Knowledge Test Prep


These CFI resources are used for

  • Private Pilot Instruction

    Private pilot knowledge test ground schools and private pilot flight training.

  • Commercial Pilot Instruction

    Commercial pilot knowledge test ground schools and commercial pilot flight training.

  • Ground School Presentations

    Presentation of Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and Airplane flying Handbook subjects.

  • Flight Instructor Tools

    Flight instructor Power Point presentations and flight instructor tools.

  • Ground School Training and Testing

    FAA knowledge tests, and pilot training and testing tools.

  • Instrument Pilot Instruction

    Instrument pilot knowledge test ground schools and instrument flight training.

  • Flight Instructor & FOI

    Flight Instructor and Fundamentals of instruction (FOI) knowledge test ground schools.

  • CFI Lesson Plans

    Flight instructor lesson plans and flight instruction materials.

  • CFI Resources

    Flight instructor resources and teaching materials for flight instructors.

  • Complete Ground School

    Everything you need to teach your own flight instruction ground school.