Frequently Asked Questions

qI have the free Adobe PDF reader on my laptop. How can I make modifications to the presentations?

aThe free Adobe reader is simply a reader and should run all the presentations including the hyperlinks. However, to make changes you will need to obtain a regular Adobe Acrobat program from Adobe. A PowerPoint reader only would have similar limitations.

qCan I go beyond the Knowledge test level using these discs?

aYou can go to any level you want since the discs contain over 1000 slides and visuals that can be run as is, moved, added, or deleted as needed, from one presentation another. You can also insert anything of your own creation.

qThe disc loads and plays fine and the PowerPoint looks and works great on my Windows 7 and Office 2010 system, but I’m not able to get the VOR, ADF, HSI practice or the ADDS Weather JAVA scripts to operate using the hyper links that are in the slide shows.

aSome of the new operating systems are 64 bit instead of 32 bit. To correct the problem you should down load and install both the 32 and 64 bit versions of JAVA (Sun Microsystems).


Can I use this program to create my own on line course?

aNo. Using the CFI Toolbox and or Gleim material to create an online course would be a serious violation of copyright law.


Can I modify the existing PVT and INST presentations?

aYes. The material on the discs are read only and closed so it cannot be changed. However it can be sent to “my documents” where it can be modified and saved. The “extra visuals” may be copied and pasted, or individual pictures copied and pasted into what ever PowerPoint or Acrobat order you choose. For assistance call our customer service number.

qI’m very interested in your product but would like to teach beyond the FAA knowledge test. Do your discs contain such a presentation?

aThe materials on our discs can be saved to your hard drive and edited and expanded to any level you choose. You can use the visuals from the Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Airplane Flying Handbook, and Instrument Flying Handbook, found on the extra visuals, and the Aviation Instructors Handbook found on our “PRO” DVD. You may also add your own training compositions.


Will this material play on Office 2007?

aYes it will. We have tested it on PP 2000 thru 2003, 2007/2010, 2013 and 2015.


Can I use this on my Mac?

aIf your Mac is able to use Microsoft Office or PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat it should play, Although there may be some compatibility issues with Keynote, so we recommend you install Microsoft Office or PowerPoint and Adobe Reader for Apple for best performance.

qCan I play this material on free  non Microsoft PowerPoint readers?

aIt might play but we have seen some issues. If you do not have PowerPoint we suggest you purchase the Microsoft home and school or other Microsoft edition of PP or Office.

qI’m a bit concerned about how to start a class type ground school. Where can I get info that will help me get started?

aCall us. We have done weekly, weekend, and one on one using these presentations for some time and look forward to sharing our experience to help you decide.

q We are an FBO with more than one CFI. Does each CFI have to purchase a CD?

aNo. If an FBO or school purchases a ground school kit it can be used by any number of CFI’s at that facility. If a CFI purchases a kit for his use at an FBO he can authorize its use by others at that facility but upon his leaving takes the kit with him.


How are updates provided?

aYou should go to our web site to view our update policy. Updates are identical to the PRO DVD and are available only to previous purchasers for the discounted price shown on the web site. Updates are done on an annual basis. Our current DVD is new as of 8-1-2018 and is numbered 1019 . Test center users may qualify for update DVD’s at no charge.


Where do the test questions come from?

aAll test questions are taken from the FAA test bank and Gleim test guides.


Can I use these presentations on an iPad?

aAll presentations including the Update will work on an iPad assuming you have Adobe reader DC and/or Microsoft Office installed on the iPad. You can use a USB adapter cord to transfer the files or place the files on a mini or micro flash drive and play the files from that.

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